About us

Since the establishment of the brand, Thermalright has been dedicated to engineering professional computer cooling solutions for more than a decade. We have set many standards in the cooling industry which are still widely implemented today, and have been the leading brand that others tend to follow and imitate.

 By improving product details and consumer experiences, we provide products that stand out in both quality and performance to our users. Quality and performance are the very goals Thermalright pursues.

Following you can see some of the milestones of our product range:


2001 SK6

Copper heatsink and fan bracket. Who invented it

In 2001, Thermalright introduced the first copper heatsink while other brands were still manufacturing with aluminium materials. The heatsink was already compatible with 60 mm fans – even 38 mm thick fans could be installed. The innovative mounting solution with fan clips gave users the option to choose from a wider selection of fans to mount and thus fit the cooler to their demands.


2002 SLK800

Challenge: AMD

The efficient cooling of the AMD Socket A processors, which had no heat-spreaders for dispersing the waste heat, presented a whole new challenge. The SLK 800 was the bold attempt to vertically derive the heat, which occurred very concentrated.
The principle worked perfectly - the SLK surpassed all other competing products on the market at that time.


2003 SP94

Heat-pipe performance – unleashed

Unforgotten for all overclockers until today are the SP-94/97 coolers. Although there were already a few heat-pipe solutions in the market at the time, none of them were really able to fully exploit the potential of the heat pipe technology.
The true potential of the heat-pipe technology truly unfolded only with the SP-series.


2004 XP120

120 mm fans on heat sinks!

With the XP 120 - an extra-large cooler, on which 120 mm fan could be mounted - we delivered our masterpiece. “Such a powerful cooler we have not seen before.” (c`t Special "Media Center PC" 03/2005) When the XP 120 appeared, many motherboards were incompatible with the enormous dimensions. The manufacturers wrote to us and asked about the specifications of the cooler. For better compatibility with our cooler, many motherboards had to be redesigned.
At that moment, we realized that the desire of overclockers for performance will always be unbroken.


2005 HR-01

The cooler for silent enthusiasts

At this time, the market started to split into two major groups of users, with one group looking for ultimate performance, while the other was seeking more silent cooling solutions. The Thermalright HR-01 was designed for the second group - equipped with a special Fan Duct customers could now for the first time passively cool powerful processors. Patented cooling fins effectively increased the surface. At a height of 160 mm, the radiator could fit into standard tower cases. A standard measure - which manufacturers are still using up until today.


2006 Ultra-120

The legendary convex base plate

When the Ultra-120 eXtreme was released, it no longer used a plain base plate. Instead, the radiator used a precision cut, by our engineers in great detail calculated, convex curvature. When the Ultra-120 Extreme appeared on the market, the cooler offered a better cooling capacity of about 10 ° C degrees than most competing models. The construction detail of the convex bearing surface has initially been criticized by many. But as with other developments in our house the competition finally followed our example...
Why don’t you just check your own cooler to see if it sports a level base plate...


2007 IFX-14

King of the hill

In 2007 the IFX-14 was released and the experts were astonished, as this was the first cooler ever with a twin tower design which could be equipped with three (!!!) 120/140 mm fans. Countless test reviews documented up until today underline the outstanding performance of the cooler. Also unique was the possibility to cool the rear side of the CPU socket.
Zahlreiche Nachahmungen belegen auch heute noch die Leistungsfähigkeit unseres 2007er Designs.


2008 Venomous-X

Easiest installation – for all sockets

The Venomous-X was an evolved form of the Ultra-120 Extreme. The cooler used an innovative, extremely user friendly universal mounting system, making installation much easier.
A special highlight: the Pressure Vault Bracket offered the possibility to vary the pressure in order to achieve the optimal tuning for the own processor.


2008 Ultra-120 Extreme RT

Thermalright goes FDB

The "RT" (retail) version of the popular Ultra-120 Extreme was released in time for the launch of the new Intel LGA1366 generation. As standard, the cooler included a particularly high-quality and low-noise 120 mm fan with Sony FDB bearing. The "Fluid Dynamic Bearing" guaranteed a very low vibration and long lasting operation of the fan.
Thanks to the included Fan Holder the mounting of the fan was a breeze.


2009 AXP-140

The HTPC-Cooler

At the beginning of the year we were able to impress the professional world with a true champion among the Top Blower coolers. Six heat pipes, compatible to 140 mm fans, with a maximum height of just 70.2 mm – never been heard of before!
The perfect base for high-end systems in a HTPC-setup.


2009 Spitfire

NVidia GTX 480 – noiseless

The Spitfire VGA cooler, using a Dow Draft design was and still is the only cooler in the world which could passively cool even an NVidia GTX 480 VGA-card. No other manufacturer has ever offered a similar product.
Thanks to its innovative design, the Spitfire was also perfectly suited for active operation in cases, which offered a fan hole in the side panel.


2009 Mux-120

Best for the bucks!

At the end of 2009 Thermalright present a slim version of the highly popular Ultra-120 Extreme cooler, the MUX-120. The cooling capacity was almost identical to the performance of the Ultra-120, but the cooler could be offered at a significantly lower price.
The supplied 120 mm X-Silent fan allowed an exceptionally smooth operation.


2010 HR-02

Passive cooling - redefined

IIn continuation of the original idea of the HR-01, the HR-02 was created in its unique style. The smart design made in particular optimal use of the air flow of the rear case fan, which all modern ATX cases use. An excellent cooling performance that catapulted the cooler right from the beginning at the top of the charts, both in passive and semi-passive mode, make the cooler stand out even today.


2010 TY 140

TY 140 – a milestone in the fan design

With the TY 140, we presented a sensational, PWM-controlled fan – the first fan ever tailored to meet the requirements of large-volume CPU coolers. Best compatibility (based on the common 120 mm mounting points of attachment) with a maximum diameter offered only the TY 140.
This innovative design has by now been copied dozens of times as well – just take a look around...


2010 Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow – the logical consequence

The 2010 twin-tower design performance leader was an optimized version of the IFX 14. The cooler – actually the flagship at that point - was already equipped with two TY 140 fans; a must-have for dedicated power users who demand full memory configuration and maximum cooling performance value.


2010 Archon

Ram Extreme!

At the end of 2010 the Archon was released. The first cooler to be optimized for the 140 mm fan design and it still holds the top position of the cooler charts for Single Tower models. Thanks to its particularly slim construction, he offered full compatibility to the RAM banks sitting next to the CPU socket.
A must have for dedicated power users who demanded full memory assembly and maximum cooling performance.


2011 Archon Rev.A

150 mm fan as standard

The next step in the evolution of the Archon came in 2011. The first time ever a single tower cooler made use of a 150 mm fan. Another world premiere – “designed by Thermalright”.
The TY 150 was the answer to the growing demands of customers who wanted the largest possible air flow capacity at the lowest possible noise level.


2011 Macho

More cooler needs no one!

The development of an innovative manufacturing process made it for the first time possible to do without the costly soldering of aluminium fins without sacrificing performance.
To date, the “Macho” – based on the design of the HR-02 - causes a stir and still counts as one of the popular CPU-coolers for price-conscious customers who do not want to compromise on performance & quality.


2011 True Spirit 140

Value for money: A+

Continuing the "Value" concept of the "Macho" the True Spirit 140 was released as a cost-optimized version of the Archon, with almost identical performance at a very attractive price.
Even today, users will hardly find a more powerful cooler at a competitive price like this.


2012 Silver Arrow SB-E

Challenge Intel LGA2011

Just in time for the release of the latest Intel CPU-generation we released an advanced version of our Twin Tower cooler. The Silver Arrow SB-E was equipped with the newly developed TY 150 and a TY 141 fan; a premiere.
Eight 6 mm heatpipes and an optimized design of the base plate for extreme overclocking of Sandy Bridge E processors are the main features of the high-end cooler.


2012 Archon SB-E

Single Tower at its best

The next version of the popular Archon also made use of the design principle of the Silver Arrow, based on eight heatpipes.
The Archon SB-E offered the best performance for all platforms – in particular for the Intel 1155/1156/1150 platforms.


2013 AXP-100 und AXP-200

High-Performance for HTPC systems

Our two new coolers for HTPC systems combine compact dimensions, optimum performance and an amazing low noise for your living room PC. Unique are the included mounting frames which allow the optional use of 140 or 150 mm fans. In addition, the coolers on Intel platforms can be rotated freely so that no PCIe slot is obstructed.


2013/14 True Spirit 90, 120 & Macho 120

Best for the bucks !

Three of the best-selling models in our popular "Value" series are available just in time for the new year in a new guise. True Spirit 90, True Spirit 120 and Macho 120 now feature high-quality nickel-plated high-performance heat pipes, a black anodized top fin and a simplified mounting system - still at attractive prices.


2014 HR-22

Mission Passive Cooling

With the HR-22, we present the largest Thermalright cooler ever produced. With a by 40% increased cooling surface, in comparison to the beatific HR-02, eight 6 mm heat pipes and the addition of two specially designed fan ducts are the base for our most powerful passive cooler.


2014 AXP-100 und AXP-200 „Muscle“

HTPC-cooler for budget-conscious users

Early in 2014, with the “Muscle versions of the award-winning AXP-100 and AXP-200, we expanded our successful “Value” series with two particular powerful HTPC coolers.
By eliminating costly features like refined heatpipe caps and the displaceable "Enhanced Fan Mount" of the AXP-100, or the TY 150 mounting frame of the AXP-200, we were able to offer the compact coolers at a very attractive price.

sa ib-e

2014 Silver Arrow IB-E

Maximum compatibility!

The Silver Arrow IB-E as the new twin-tower flagship also was introduced to the market in early 2014. To make the cooler even more attractive to the users, we revised the layout of the heatsink.
The new asymmetrical design of the two aluminum cooling blocks ensures that the top PCIe slot on ATX motherboards is no longer blocked by the heatsink - a frequently expressed point of criticism when using twin tower coolers.

ts 140 power

2014 True Spirit 140 Power

High Performance cooling for "small" purses!

The True Spirit 140 Power with ist six 8 mm heatpipes for maximum cooling capacity was able to reap a plethora of awards as a powerful single-tower heatsink in a very short time.
Last but not least the incredibly good price-/performance-ratio and the design with elegant nickel plated heatpipes, black anodized Top Fin and the simplified mounting system makes the cooler almost unbeatable in its price segment.

archon ib-e

2014 Archon IB-E X2

Best Single Tower cooler in the world

With the Archon IB-E X2 the successor of the best-performing single tower cooler of his generation is introduced to the market. The test results show that we have once again managed to improve an already impressive product in accordance with customer requirements..
As with the Silver Arrow IB-E, the design has been punctually revised and trimmed for maximum compatibility. The new Archon sports an asymmetric heat sink design and is slightly lower, so customers can use the high-end cooler in even more cases.

Macho Zero

2014 Macho Zero

Maximum cooling at 0 dB

For silence-enthusiasts we present with the Macho Zero a black nickel plated special edition of our famous cooler. Consequently we did not add a fan; for semi-passive use we offer fan ducts separately.
The cooler finds itself on top of the passive cooling charts and can also impress with its enlarged cooling base.

Macho Rev. B

2014 Macho Rev. B

The Original!

With the Macho Rev. B we present a new edition of our most famous retail cooler. The Macho Rev. B comes with an enlarged ground base, known as well from our high-end coolers.
A variety of awards is proof for the further increase in cooling capacity, while the noise levels are reduced at the same time during normal operations.

True Spirit 140 BW Rev. A

2014 True Spirit 140 BW Rev. A

Designed for maximum compatibility

Outstanding cooling performance and best compatibility in connection with a 140 mm fan now offers the True Spirit 140 BW Rev. A.
The cooler immediately impresses with its outstanding cooling performance and incredible value for money in several tests.

Thermalright has always been devoted in seeking all possible methods to maximize our coolers’ quality and performance, even if it takes three months to increase the performance by a mere 1 degree difference. It is our strong belief that only through persistence we can keep our users’ trust and support. Opt for the original...