140 mm Fan Duct (Black)
Optional accessory for:


Macho Series

Macho PCGH


Manufacturer Number Fan Duct 140
Code 814256001045
Order Number 100700772

140 mm Fan Duct (Black)


As an optional accessory for

  • HR-02
  • HR-02 Macho series
  • HR-02 Macho PCGH
  • HR-22
  • Le Grand Macho series

this 140 mm Fan Duct is available. The Fan Duct allows the targeted passing of the air flow generated by the case fan through the mentioned coolers, which will measurably increases the cooling capacity of those models. The semi-passive cooling features of the above mentioned coolers can thus be increased significantly. This Fan Duct can be used for 140 mm fans.

Please note that the Fan Duct is not compatibel to the Macho 120.