Dimensions 140 mm
Installation Depth 25 mm
Fan Speed 900 rpm
Air Flow 102.6 m³/h
Noise 20.9 dB(A)
Durabilty 50,000 h
Bearing FDB
Connector 3-Pin Molex
Manufacturer Number X-Silent 140
EAN Code 183517000937

X-Silent 140


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True to its motto "innovated - not imitated" Thermalright presents with the X-Silent 140 an especially silent-running 140 mm fan with Liquid State Bearing.

The X-Silent 140 mm fan has 11 highly efficient fan blades for ultra-silent operation. The processing of the fan is of the highest quality. Like the X-Silent 120 mm fan the X-Silent 140 makes use of a Liquid State bearing. Thus, the X-Silent 140 mm fan is extremely quiet in operation. The Liquid State Bearing also has the advantage of a particularly long service life - the X-Silent 140 has an expected durability of about 50,000 operating hours.

The fan has a starting voltage of 7 volts and can be throttled even further in its performance by means of fan control. Factory-wise, he has a rotation speed of up to 900 rpm and thus offers an air flow of up to 60.4 CFM. Included is a set of special anti-vibration rubbers, which result in reduced vibration and so reduces the noise level.

The fan has a 3-pin Molex connector for the motherboard.