Length 155 mm (incl. fans)
Width 106.5 mm (incl. fans)
Hight 170 mm (incl. fans)
Weight 1,100 g (incl. fans)
Material Hybrid
Fan Speed 900 - 1,300 rpm
Air Flow 96.2 - 125.7 m³/h
Noise 17 - 21 dB(A)
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Heatpipe 8 x 6 mm

Archon SB-E X2




Our Archon SB-E X2 is without a doubt one of the most powerful single tower coolers in the world. The dual-fan version of the renowned Archon SB-E has been optimized for the needs of the most demanding users. Two TY-141 PWM-fans with double-ball bearing ensure the best possible cooling performance at minimal noise levels.

The Archon SB-E X2 comes with a revised version of our well-known Venomous-X “Pressure Vault Bracket”. The further optimized version now sports a backplate for AMD systems and can therefore be used for all current processors. The "Pressure Vault Bracket" allows perfect adjustment of the contact pressure between 40 and 70 lbs.  The revised mounting kit in combination with an optimized base plate for current multi-core CPUs allows for taking full advantage of the huge cooling potential of the Archon SB-E X2. This shows once more that we will not miss out on possibilities for further optimization of our products in order to achieve the best possible results in terms of performance.

The effective cooling area of the heat sink - with the dimensions of 150 x 125 mm - ensures that the air flow of the two 140 mm fans almost completely passed through the cooling fins, and thus the maximum cooling effect can be achieved. Naturally, any conventional 120 or 140 mm fan can be combined with the Archon SB-E X2. The relatively shallow depth of the cooler of just 55 mm (without the fans) ensures that even high RAM-modules can easily be used – regardless of whether 4 or 6 slots are available.

The ball-bearing fans are temperature controlled (PWM) - the speed is depending on the CPU temperature between 900-1,300 rpm. The use of two fans means that both fans can work in most cases almost idle. By using two fans both TY-141 will be working at idling speeds most of the time. At the minimum speed of 900 rpm, the TY-141 reach 28.3 CFM air flow, at the maximum speed of 1,300 rpm the TY 141 each pump an impressive 73.6 CFM through the heatsink. A Y-cable is supplied to regulate both fans over a single PWM fan connector of the motherboard.

To guarantee a most silent operation, the TY-141 uses seven special "torpedo" style blades. In conjunction with the optimized wings and the streamlined frame design, this allows for a very effective and also particularly quiet air flow. Two pairs of fan clips for fans with 120mm mounting holes are included. Thus, conventional 120 mm fan can be mounted as well, such as all models of our 140 mm TY fan-family.

The Archon SB-E X2 offers a far superior cooling performance, which further consolidates its leading position among the top single tower models.

The heatsink features eight sintered high-end heat pipes to dissipate the processor heat very quickly. In connection with the two TY 141 fans all current processors can be cooled effectively. The X2 is of course multi-platform compatible. The workmanship of the cooler is of the highest quality.

The base of the cooler features a slightly convex shaped support surface. The design, first developed by us several years ago, has been "borrowed" from various other manufacturers since. In comparison to flat surfaces, the convex shape further optimizes the cooling performance - especially on Intel systems.

Included is the high-quality Chill Factor III thermal paste in a convenient 2 gram tube.


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