Length 121 mm (incl. fan)
Width 105 mm (incl. fan)
Hight 58 mm (incl. fan)
Weight 360 g (incl. fan)
Material Hybrid
Fan Speed 900 - 2,500 rpm
Air Flow 27.3 - 75.7 m³/h
Noise 22 - 30 dB(A)
Fan Dimensions 108 x 101 x 14 mm
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Heatpipe 6 x 6 mm

AXP - 100


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With the AXP-100 Thermalright offers a high-performance low-profile coolers specifically designed for HTPC-systems.

The main feature of the cooler is the ultra-low height of just 44 mm (58 with the fan included). Thus the AXP-100 is the first choice when compact dimensions are of the essence. The AXP-100 is perfectly fitted for Home Theater/Multimedia systems with a low profile.

The AXP-100 makes use of the T-shape “down draft” cooler design, which directs the air flow perpendicular to the motherboard, thus cooling the surrounding components as well. This way voltage converter, memory banks and chipset can be effectively cooled under ideal circumstances.

In total, the AXP-100 features six (!!!) nickel plated heatpipes, which are soldered to the copper base plate to ensure the best possible heat dissipation. The special design of the 40 aluminium cooling fins is designed to minimize air resistance and effectively contributes to a particularly effective reduction in temperature.

The standard “Enhanced Fan Mount” allows maximum compatibility in the fan assembly, to make best use of the limited space in HTPC cases.  The bracket can be mounted rotated in 90° steps. The mounting holes of the frame on the cooler are slit-shaped, thus allowing the horizontal or vertical movement of the fan by roughly 15 mm – depending on the orientation of the fan bracket.

Included is a high-quality TY 100 fan with a fan speed of 900 – 2,500 rpm (+/- 15%), which is automatically regulated by means of PWM-signal of the motherboard (if supported). Thus the optimal ratio between sound volume (22 - 30 dBa) and cooling capacity is guaranteed at all times, without the need to manually engage. The fan covers the heat sink almost in total, guaranteeing the best possible heat dissipation. The fan is screwed to the heat sink, slipping of the fan is not possible.

As a special feature, the cooling capacity of the fan can be enhanced by using a larger fan. The fan assembly of the cooler corresponds to that of conventional 120 mm fans, which allows the installation of a multitude of 120 and even 140 mm fans. Also, the “big” models of the TY-family (like the TY 147 140 mm fan) can be installed on the AXP-100. We ask you to check in advance, if your case offers enough space for this.

The included universal mounting kit supports all actual Intel- and AMD sockets (Intel LGA775/1366/1156/1155/2011/1150 und AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2). The installation is easy and self-explaining - an illustrated manual (English and German) is included. The equipment is completed by the excellent Thermalright Chill Factor 3 thermal paste (syringe).

Please note:

The picture with the black and white fan shows as an example the AXP-100 with a Thermalright TY-147 mounted. This fan is not included.


Available downloads:

Download Montageanleitung (Deutsch) Download Installation Guide (english)