Length 110 mm
Width 140 mm
Heigth 160 mm
Weight 876 g
Material Hybrid
Heatpipe 6 Stück
Manufacturer Number HR-02 Original
Order Number 100700700



After a long time we are happy to present the HR-02 again, which was the inspiration for our Macho series. We decided us to gear up the HR-02 one last time, so the cooler can also be used for soundless cooling of all current available Intel and AMD processors. But the quantity is limited, so you have to order before the HR-02 isn´t available anymore.

The unique cooling capacity of the HR-02 is achieved through the innovative design of the cooling fins in connection with the particularly large surface. The aluminum cooling fins are perforated by a plurality of air holes, which counteract air accumulation between the cooling fins. The special design of the heatsink’s aluminum fins allows for a particularly low air resistance. The oval air duct in the middle of the cooler provides controlled air turbulence within the heat sink, whereby the heat can be dissipated more effectively.

The heat sink is aligned to the rear of the PC case, which ensures that even when using ram modules with high-rising heat spreaders no incompatibilities will arise despite the impressive dimensions of the heat sink.

With the included fan clips the cooler can be operated actively in combination with a 120 mm fan or a 140 mm model. We recommend the combination the new TY 147 A mm fan which specialty designed for the next Generation of Thermalright coolers. We can guarantee a more than sufficient cooling capacity for your system when using a PWM-controlled Thermalright fan.

A VX-II mounting kit is included with the HR-02 that supports all actual Intel- and AMD sockets (Intel LGA775/1366/1156/1155/2011/1150/2011-3/1151* und AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2/FM2+).

As with all our high performance coolers the HR-02 makes use of the well-proven heat pipe technology. A total of six high-performance 6 mm heatpipes provide the most efficient dissipation of the generated processor heat. The heatpipes are tightly integrated into the nickel-plated copper base plate, which guarantees the most effective heat dissipation.

The nickel-plated C1100 copper base plate of the cooler is a high gloss polished and has a slightly convex-shaped contact surface. The convex shape – compared to flat surfaces – further optimizes the cooling performance - especially in Intel systems. This system, which has been developed by Thermalright years ago, has since been “adopted” by other manufacturers as well.

In contrast to coolers from other manufacturers, the contact points of the aluminum fins and the heatpipes, as well as those of heatpipes and the bottom plate of the cooler are soldered. This tiny, yet very important detail grants our coolers their longevity at a steady cooling capacity. When the elements are “only” stacked together instead of being soldered, the connection points can get loose very easily, because of the temperature fluctuations and the different coefficients of expansion of the materials (copper and aluminum). Without a direct contact between heatpipes and cooling fins the cooling capacity is noticeably reduced. Please keep this costly detail in mind, when you compare our cooler to other models.

Also included in the package is our Thermalright Screwdriver. With this extra-long screwdriver, which has a magnetic tip, it is very easy to install the cooler, even if the motherboard has already been mounted in the case. The equipment is completed by the excellent Thermalright Chill Factor 3 thermal paste (syringe).


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