Length 120 mm
Width 150 mm
Height 159 mm
Weight 1,160 g
Material Hybrid
Heatpipe 8 x 6 mm
Manufacturer Number HR-22
EAN Code 814256000857
Order Number 100700722


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True to its motto „innovated – not imitated“ Thermalright presents with the HR-22 the result of more than 10 years of continuously product development.

The flag ship of the Thermalright cooler family is designed for semi-passive cooling and is the consequent improvement of the legendary HR-02 and the best-selling HR-02 Macho. The HR-22 can be installed on both Intel and AMD CPUs. The innovative DPAS (“Directed Passive Airflow System”) concept is primarily based on the outstanding performance of the imposing heat sink with a total of eight 6 mm heatpipes and the most efficient use of the prevailing air flow within common PC-cases.

The effective cooling surface is an incredible 40% larger than its predecessors and thus offers the largest surface area of all Thermalright coolers ever built. The aerodynamic design of the cooling fins allows the most efficient transfers for maximum cooling capacity. The cooling fins are perforated by a plurality of air holes, which counteract air accumulation between the cooling fins and guarantee optimal air exchange. An oval air duct in the middle of the cooler provides controlled air turbulence within the heat sink, whereby the heat can be dissipated more effectively. By the implementation of the air duct alone Thermalright was able to improve the performance of the cooler in passive mode by 5-10%.

The HR-22 makes use of the well-proven heat pipe technology. The heat sink comes with a total of eight 6 mm strong, sintered heatpipes. They guarantee by the thoughtful arrangement a particularly efficient and rapid dissipation of the processor heat.

The nickel-plated C1100 copper base plate of the cooler is a high gloss polished and has a slightly convex-shaped contact surface. The convex shape – compared to flat surfaces – further optimizes the cooling performance - especially in Intel systems. This system, which has been developed by Thermalright years ago, has since been “adopted” by other manufacturers as well.

By combining different technologies - some specifically designed, some optimized - it is possible to completely do without an additional, active fan.

The heat sink is aligned to the rear of the PC case. This layout ensures that the HR-22 does not collide with the RAM-modules nor blocks the uppermost PCI-Slot on both ATX as well as M-ATX boards, despite its huge dimension: Another feature that shows that Thermalright does understand the wishes and desires of their fans and will offer fitting solutions.

Generally, the cooler makes best use of the usually installed rear-mounted fan and the air flow generated by it. In order to optimize the semi-passive cooling capacity of the HR-22, specially designed fan ducts for 120 and 140 mm fans are included. They allow the targeted passing of the air flow generated by the case fan through the HR-22, which measurably increases the cooling capacity.

The passive cooler comes with fan clips for fans with 120 mm mounting holes, so it is entirely possible to use it as an active processor cooler. The cooler is thus compatible to the fans of the X-Silent fan series (120/140 mm) and the TY fans with 140/150 mm.

Included is the popular “VX-II Pressure Vault Bracket”. The further optimized version of the already known Venomous-X bracket can be used on both Intel-* and AMD-systems. Again this shows that Thermalright will not pass up on the chance for optimization ro achieve the best possible performance.

The equipment is completed by the excellent Thermalright Chill Factor 3 thermal paste (syringe). Please note that the HR-22 is not compatible to Mini-ITX motherboards.

*If you want to use our cooler on LGA1151 processors, we recommend using our special washers. Please contact us by email and we will send it to you for free.


Available downloads:

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