Length 155 mm (incl. fans)
Width 130 mm (incl. fans)
Height 165 mm (incl. fans)
Weight 1,100 g (incl. fans)
Material Hybrid
Fan dimensions 140 x 152 x 26,5 mm
Fan Speed 600 - 2,500 U/min
Static Air Pressure 0.25 ~ 4.21 mmH²O
Airflow 54 - 221 m³/h
Noise 21 - 45 dBa
Bearing Double Ball Bearing
Heatpipe 8 x 6 mm
Max. TDP 320 W
Manufacturer Number Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme
EAN Code 814256000963
Order Number 100700414

Silver Arrow IB-E-Extreme


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With the Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme Thermalright presents a specifically for highest performance designed edition of the innovative Silver Arrow IB-E.

In this “Extreme” edition, by using of two particularly powerful 140 mm fans, the maximum possible cooling capacity is realized. Even popular compact water cooling systems are outclassed in terms of cooling performance by the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme - without being significantly louder.

The main novelty of the Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme is the revised design of the heatsink. To ensure the best possible compatibility with motherboard and PC-cases, the aluminum fins are staggered. Once more Thermalright proves that they are happy to respond to the suggestions of the fan community.

The revised design ensures that the top PCIe slot on ATX motherboards is no longer blocked by the heatsink - a frequent criticism of testers and users when using twin tower design coolers.

On the other side the heat sink does not protrude beyond standard ATX motherboards, which also excludes incompatibilities with fans mounted under the top cover or power supplies installed at the top of the case. The higher distance from the aluminum fins to the copper base prevents collisions of fan and high-rising heat sinks of RAM-modules. And finally Thermalright was able to reduce the total height of the cooler by about 5 mm, which means that the cooler can also be used in Midi-towers, for which the predecessor was simply too high.

The twin tower design allows for a particularly large surface area and thus forms the basis for outstanding cooling performance of the IB-E. Especially at low fan speeds and a low air flow rate the Silver Arrow offers an outstanding cooling performance. To increase the efficiency of the cooler, the heatpipes are soldered to the base plate - an optimal transfer of heat is guaranteed.

To protect against corrosion heatpipes and base are nickel-plated. The workmanship is of the highest quality. The heatsink sports eight 6 mm thick sintered high-end heat pipes in order to dissipate the processor heat quickly and effectively. In connection with the two TY 143 fans all current processors can be effectively cooled.

The powerful "Extreme" fans provide at the maximum speed of 2,500 rpm an air flow capacity of up to 220 m³/h - per fan (!). With a total capacity of up to 440 m³/h, the Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme outperforms all cooler combinations we are aware of. Compared to the standard-version, the total cooling capacity has been improved considerably; an advantage especially for overclocked PC-systems.

Naturally, such a fan capacity will result in a corresponding noise level – but even at 45 dB(A) - the maximum noise level according to the manufacturer – the sound volume is not considerably higher than that produced by powerful compact water cooling systems with identical settings. The two double-ball bearing fans are PWM controlled and thus can automatically adapt to the individual circumstances. The extremely wide control range between about 600 and 2,500 rpm ensures the audible sound generated by the fans will be quite acceptable with max. 21 dB(a) during standard operation.

The base of the cooler features a slightly convex shaped support surface. The design, first developed by us several years ago, has been "borrowed" from various other manufacturers since. In comparison to flat surfaces, the convex shape further optimizes the cooling performance - especially on Intel systems.

The Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme is multiplatform compatible and comes with mounting material for all common processors. Owner of Intel LGA 775/1366/1155/1156/2011/1150/2011-3/1151 motherboards can use the cooler as well as users of AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2. In addition, the cooler is equipped with mounting material for the new AMD AM4 Ryzen processors and can be mounted on the new Intel LGA 2066 processors.

Due to the high power consumption of up to 7.2 watts, the two fans should be connected directly to the PC power supply by a special adapter cable (the PWM control is retained).


Available downloads:

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