Length 155 mm (incl. fan)
Width 80 mm (incl. fan)
Height 165 mm (incl. fan)
Weight 770 g (incl. fan)
Fan dimensions 140 x 152 x 26,5 mm
Fan speed 300 - 1,300 rpm
Airflow 28,7 - 125 m³/h
Noise 15 - 21 dB(A)
Fan Bearing Enhanced Hyperflow
Fan connector 4-Pin PWM
Heatpipes  6 x 6 mm
Max. TDP 300 W
Manufacturer Number True Spirit 140 Rev. A
EAN Code 814256001007
Order Number 100700545

True Spirit 140 BW Rev. A

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The True Spirit 140 BW in the Revision A is a further improved version of the successful predecessor. Once again, Thermalright responds to suggestions from the fan base - true to its motto "innovated - not imitated".

For the best compatibility to motherboards and case, the aluminum fins of the True Spirit 140 BW Rev. A are now laterally offset, just like those of the Archon IB-E X2. This new design guarantees that the uppermost PCIe slot on ATX motherboards will not be blocked by the cooler.

Another improvement is that the cooler does not exceed over the side of an ATX motherboard, which eliminates incompatibilities to top mounted fans or power supplies. Further the total height of the cooler is reduced by approx. 5 mm, which allows the installation of the cooler in midi towers, for which the predecessor has been too high.

The new version still uses six 6 mm heatpipes (unlike the True Spirit 140 Power with 8 mm heatpipes). The True Spirit 140 is very powerful and compares favorably to much more expensive models. If you are looking for maximum performance for a fair price, the True Spirit 140 Rev. A is the right choice for you.

The copper heatpipes are now nickel plated and offer in conjunction with the black anodized top fin a unique look. With the revised design, Thermalright combines the high-quality optics of the high-priced high-end coolers with the award-winning, outstanding price-performance ratio of the proven "Value" models.

The large heatsink is optimized for 140 mm fans. The narrow design of the cooler makes incompatibilities of the fans with adjacent memory banks avoidable in most cases. The six 6 mm thick, high-quality heat pipes are optimally positioned to effectively dissipate the heat generated by the CPU to the 49 aluminum fins. The copper contact surface of the cooler is nickel-plated and highly polished.

The special partly angled fin design serves to minimize the air resistance and at the same time effectively contributes to a considerable reduction of the system temperature. The distance between the aluminum fins was chosen so that the cooler provides a well above-average performance, even at lowest fan speed. Of course, the most powerful cooler of the Thermalright “Value” series knows how to impress with its high quality processing.

A temperature-controlled TY-147 PWM-fan is included with the cooler. The rotation speed varies – depending on the CPU-temperature – between 300 – 1,300 rpm (+/- 15%), resulting in an air flow capacity of about 28,7 – 125 m³/h.  Owing to its sophisticated design, the inner diameter of the fan is even slightly greater than that of a conventional 140 mm fan (!).

For a sufficiently silent operation, the model uses seven blades in a special "torpedo" design. Together with the optimized wings and streamlined frame design, this causes a particularly effective and at the same time also very quiet air flow.

Corresponding to the claim of being one of the most powerful models of the series, a total of four specially designed fan clips are included. This allows the installation of a second fan, if desired. The fans can be anti-vibration mounted with the enclosed AntiVibe-Pads (8 pcs included).

A universal mounting kit is included, which supports all actual Intel- and AMD sockets (Intel LGA775/1366/1156/1155/2011/1150/2011-3/1151 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2/FM2+). The installation is simple and self-explanatory - an illustrated manual is included.


Available downloads:

Download Montageanleitung (Deutsch) Download Installation Guide (english) Download AM4 Deutsch