Length 155 mm (incl. fan)
Width 103 mm (incl. fan)
Height 163 mm (incl. fan)
Weight 1,050 g (incl. fan)
Fan Dimensions 152 x 140 x 26,5 mm
Fanspeed 600 - 2,500 rpm
Airflow 53.3 - 220.9 m³/h
Noise 21 - 45 dBa
Bearing Ball Bearing
Heatpipes 8 x 6 mm
Max. TDP 320 watts
Manufacturer number Silver Arrow TR4
Code 0814256001373
Order Number 100700418

Silver Arrow TR4



With the Silver Arrow TR4, Thermalright presents a high-performance special edition of the innovative Silver Arrow IB-E, designed exclusively for AMD's new ThreadRipper CPU. With a maximum cooling capacity of 320 watts, the Silver Arrow TR4 is the perfect cooler for the high-end CPUs.

In order to effectively handle the enormous waste heat of the ThreadRipper - without hiding RAM slots - Thermalright provides the Silver Arrow TR4 with a TY 143 fan, which is placed centrally between the two towers. The fan offers enormous power reserves, in order to be able to significantly increase the cooling capacity in heated situations.

To ensure the best possible compatibility with motherboards and housings, the aluminum fins of the Silver Arrow TR4 are offset. This design ensures that the top PCIe slot on ATX motherboards is not blocked by the cooler. On the other side, the cooler does not protrude beyond standard ATX motherboards, which also eliminates incompatibilities with ceiling-mounted fans or power supplies installed on the top of the enclosure. With an installation height of 163 mm, the Silver Arrow TR4 can be accommodated in many compact Midi Towers.

To protect against corrosion heatpipes and base plate are high-gloss nickel-plated. The processing of the cooler is of the highest quality. The heat sink has eight 6 mm thick sintered high-end heatpipes to dissipate the processor heat very quickly. In conjunction with the TY 143 fan, AMD ThreadRipper processors are effectively cooled.

The enormously powerful fan offers a capacity of up to 220 m³/h at a maximum speed of 2,500 rpm. Of course, such a high fan performance is accompanied by a corresponding background noise - however, even the manufacturer's stated volume of 45 dBa at maximum speed is hardly louder than the noise of powerful compact water cooling at identical settings.

The ball-bearing fan is PWM-controlled and adapts automatically to the individual conditions. The extremely wide control range of the fans from approx. 600 to 2,500 rpm causes the noise development of the fans with max. 21 dBa is absolutely acceptable.

Please note that the Silver Arrow TR4 is only suitable for AMD's high-end ThreadRipper CPU.


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