Dimensions Radiator (L x B x H)  277 x 120 x 27 mm
Dimensions Fan (L x B x H)  120 x 120 x 25,4 mm
Fan Speed  600 - 1.800 U/Min
Air flow (Fan)  43,77 - 131,3 m³/h
Noise Level (Fan)  19 - 25 dB(A)
Connector (Fan)  4-Pin PWM
Life expectancy (Fan)  30.000 Stunden
Pump housing dimensions (L x B x H)  70 x 94,8 x 77 mm
Life expectancy (Pump)  50.000 Stunden
Connector (Pump)  3-Pin
Manufacturer Number  TR 240C
EAN Code  814256001724
Order Number  200200136

Turbo Right 240 C


TurboRight Evolution all-in-one CPU cooler with liquid cooling. Developed in Taiwan, manufactured in Taiwan.

With years of experience in liquid cooling and working with global engineers and manufacturers, the THERMALRIGHT team has come up with the concept of the most powerful AIO CPU liquid chiller and for years has developed one of the most user-friendly and popular enthusiast products.

Made entirely of copper, the TurboRight Copper Cooler features a sophisticated microchannel (0.1mm) design that provides the best direct fluid flow on the extra large multi-channel contact surface. In addition, the TurboRight pump is mounted decoupled, which should not cause vibration loads on the motherboard and the CPU.

Not only a new pump design and waterblock are used, but also a high density design finned radiator. TurboRight has driven the trend toward designing a "rotating blade" with the most popular ADD LED lighting inside the tank, which can show the water flow and coolant level.

TurboRight is more than a rotating blade display. It can also be refilled. The already filled liquid can be filled up with additional TurboRight coolant (100 ml). This possibility supports the enjoyment of the design and the surprisingly efficient performance.

In addition, the TurboRight cooling fan system is equipped with two Type-121BP PWM fans. With a speed of 600-1800 rpm, a delivery rate of 43.77 - 131.3 m³ / H and a resulting volume of 19 - 25 dB (A), these fans are more than just suitable for this heat sink.

As well as being one of the most powerful all-in-one liquid cooling systems on the market, TurboRight is also the most user-friendly AIO cooler in the world.