Length 140 mm (m. Lüfter)
Width 102 mm (m. Lüfter)
Height 158 mm (m. Lüfter)
Weight 1040 g (m. Lüfter)
Fan dimensions 140 x 152 x 26,5 mm
Fan Speed 300 - 1.300 U/min
Air flow 28,7 - 125 m³/h
Static Air Pressure 0.08 ~ 1.56 mmH²O
Noise 15 - 21 dB(A)
Fan Bearing Enhanced Hyperflow
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Heatpipes 6 x 6 mm
Max. TDP 240 Watt
Manufacturer Number HR-02 Macho Rev.C - EU
EAN Code 8142560020974
Order Number

Macho Rev.C - EU-Version


The Macho Rev. C is a further development of the renowned Macho Rev. B, where we improved the high RAM compatibility and optimized the fan speed and cooling performance. Our patented technology allows you to enjoy the highest level of cooling performance.

True to the motto "innovated - not imitated", at Macho Rev. C we focus on detail improvements in order to offer an outstanding product

The Macho Rev. C is also well-equipped for current Intel Core i9 high-performance processors with up to 8 cores.

Another innovation of Macho Rev. C concerns the included fan. The cooler is supplied as standard with the temperature-controlled fan TY 14U (PWM), which has been specially developed for the European market. The capacity of the fan optimized for ultra-silent operation varies between 28.7 and 125 m³ / h with a noise level of approx. 15 - 21 dB (A).

The newly developed fan with its unique design has the mounting points of a conventional 120 mm fan and has a larger inner diameter than conventional 140 mm fans. The fan is securely mounted to the heat sink with the included, revised brackets - self-adhesive anti-vibration pads for decoupled mounting are included.

By popular demand of customers are four special fan clips for the Thermalright TY fan included, so that a second fan can be mounted.

The original Macho design was retained: the heat sink faces the back of the case to avoid incompatibilities when using memory modules with high build heatspreaders. The aluminum cooling fins are provided with several air holes, which counteract an air accumulation between the individual cooling fins.

In addition, the special design of the aluminum fins of the heat sink realizes a particularly low air resistance. The oval air channel in the middle of the radiator ensures controlled air turbulence within the heat sink, which allows the waste heat to be dissipated more effectively.

As with all high-performance coolers from our company, the macho in revision C uses the proven heat pipe technology. Six powerful 6 mm heatpipes ensure a particularly efficient dissipation of processor waste heat. The heatpipes are firmly integrated into the nickel-plated copper base plate to ensure the most effective heat dissipation.

The Macho Rev. C comes with a universal mounting kit that supports all current Intel and AMD platforms (Intel LGA775 / 1366/1156/1155/2011/1150 / 2011-3 / 1151 and AMD AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 / FM1 / FM2 / FM2 +). In addition, the cooler comes factory with mounting hardware for the new AM4 Ryzen processors from AMD, as well as the new Intel LGA 2066 processors.

In order to make the installation of the cooler as easy as possible with the motherboard already mounted, the popular screwdriver with magnetic tip can naturally be found again in the accessories. The assembly is simple and self-explanatory - an illustrated assembly instructions (German) is included. The scope of supply is rounded off by the high-quality TF4 thermal grease.