TY 141
Size 140 x 160 mm
Installation Depth 26.5 mm
Voltage Range 6 - 13 V
Rated Power max. 2.4 W
Air Flow 96.2 - 125.7 m³/h
Noise 17 - 21 dB(A)
Durabilty 50,000 h
Bearing 2-Ball Bearing
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Manufacturer Number TY 141
EAN Code 814256000505
Order Number 200200120

TY 141




True to its motto "innovated - not imitated" Thermalright presents with the TY 141 an evolved version of the innovative TY 147 fan.

In addition to the unmistakable change in the color, the changes relate to the design and the levitation of the impeller (i.e. the fan blades). While the TY 147 fans, which are still used on the “Value” series coolers, are equipped with an "Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing", the Thermalright TY 141 fan sports a double ball bearing. This bearing guarantees further increases the fans durability.

That fan design, which is based on the TY 147, corresponds to the desire of users to realize the greatest possible air flow rate at the lowest possible noise. Naturally fans with a larger diameter will produce a higher capacity at the same speed and/or the same noise level than smaller models.

The Thermalright TY 141 has the dimensions 140 x 152 x 26.5 mm, the mounting points are identical to those of conventional 120 mm fans. Owing to the sophisticated design of the inner diameter of the fan is even slightly greater than that of a conventional 140 mm fans (!).The truncated frame of the fan can be mounted at various coolers that are designed for standard 120 mm fan. A requirement is that the fan is mounted directly on the side facing the heat sink. Fan brackets which engage over the entire frame are usually incompatible. When using it as a case fan you should examine whether sufficient space is available to the side.

The speed range of the temperature-controlled PWM-fan is 900 - 1300 rpm - the flow rate varies between 56.6 and 73.6 CFM. Even at low speed and correspondingly lower noise, the capacity is higher than the performance of conventional 120 mm axial fans.

For a sufficiently silent operation, the model has seven newly designed fan blades. Together with the optimized wings and streamlined frame design, this causes a particularly effective and at the same time also very quiet air flow.

The monitoring & control the fan speed is done via the motherboard (4-pin PWM connector).