Dimensions 130 x 120 mm
Installation Depth 25 mm
Fan Speed 300 - 1.300 U/min
Air Flow 21,9 - 94,8 m³/h
Air Flow 21 - 33 dB(A)
Bearing Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Manufacturer Number TY 127
Code 814256001199
Order-Number 200200127



Already used with the beloved Macho 120 SBM, the TY-127 is now separately available. The minimum fan speed has been reduced to just 300 rpm, which results in even more silent running of the fan and makes the fan almost inaudible during normal operations.

The temperature-controlled TY-127 fan has 7 highly efficient fan blades, which are exceptionally smooth-running. With an improved air flow, the high end fan has a speed range of 300 – 1.300 rpm producing a maximum air flow rate of about 94.8 m³/h. Due to the temperature-dependent control of the fan by the motherboard (if supported), the optimal ratio between volume and cooling capacity is achieved at all times, without the need of manual intervention.

In order to guarantee a long-term low-noise operation, the TY 127 makes use of a low-wear "Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing". The monitoring & control the fan speed is done via the motherboard (4-pin PWM connector).

*Please be aware of the fact, the TY-127 is only compatible to the Macho 120 SBM*