Size 140 x 140 mm
Installation Depth 25 mm
Voltage Range ~ 5 - 13 V
Fan Speed 300 - 1.300 U/min
Air Flow 28,7 - 125 m³/h
Noise 15 - 21 dB(A)
Durabilty 50.000 Stunden
Bearing Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Manufacturer Number TY 147 A SQ
EAN Code  814256001243
Order Number 200200132

TY 147A SQ


With the TY 147A SQ we present true to our motto “innovated – not imitated” the popular 140 mm fan in a square design, achieved with Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing

 The 147A SQ has 7 highly efficient fan blades for ultra-silent operation in the revised torpedo” style. Thanks to the Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing the fan is completely silent and has a perfect processing.

The speed range of the temperature-controlled PWM-fan is 300 - 1,300 rpm - the flow rate varies between 24.5 and 106,2 m³/h. Together with the optimized wings and streamlined frame design, this causes a particularly effective and at the same time also very quiet air flow between 15 and 21 dB(A).

In order to guarantee a long-term low-noise operation, the TY 147A SQ makes use of a low-wear "Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing". The monitoring & control the fan speed is done via the motherboard (4-pin PWM connector). Included are also special anti-vibration rubber decoupler, which reduce vibration and dampen the noise.